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Embrace the Green Wave: How to Secure Estonian E-Residency 🌿

Updated: Nov 10, 2023


Picture this: a world where you can grow your business without increasing your carbon footprint. Where one’s entrepreneurial spirit can live harmoniously with Mother Earth. Welcome to Estonia’s e-Residency program—a soil-rich ground for the seeds of your green business dreams.

Green energy, shaking hands

Step 1: Re-Imagine Your Impact

Estonian E-Residency:

  • A path to global business that doesn't demand frequent, exhaust-spewing flights.

  • A model of efficiency: less paper, less waste, more growth.

Step 2: Begin at the Roots

The Starting Point:

  • Visit the Estonian e-Residency application portal. It’s your first step towards marrying profit with purpose.

  • Familiarize yourself with the application guide—it’s your map in this green quest.

Step 3: A Harvest of Data, Not Trees

The Essentials:

  • A government-issued ID (sans the usual passport photo stone-face)

  • A business plan that, unlike plastic, doesn’t harm the planet

Step 4: Invest in Tomorrow

  • A €100-€120 application fee is the seed for your global, green enterprise.

  • Payment is digital—saving both your time and the trees.

Step 5: Let Them Tend to the Garden

  • Estonia will conduct a background check, ensuring you’re as clean as the energy we champion.

  • Like watching plants grow, patience is a virtue—it takes a few weeks.

Step 6: The Green Light!

  • Once approved, an email as sweet as fresh spring air will greet you.

  • Collect your e-Residency kit at an Estonian embassy—it's your eco-friendly torch.

Step 7: Activate Your Eco-Identity

  • Inside the kit? Your digital ID card—a beacon of your new, cleaner business path.

Step 8: Global Business, Local Impact

  • Now, establish your Estonian company—a doorway to greener pastures in the EU market.

  • Manage your finances cleanly and clearly, without flying across continents.

Step 9: Honor the Ground You Walk On

  • Keep it clean and keep it legal. Your enterprise should nurture the Earth, not wound it further.


Estonian e-Residency is more than a digital frontier; it’s a lush, green landscape of opportunity that doesn’t cost the Earth.

Start the Process with us at eFinance

  • Ready to marry your business acumen with sustainable practices? Let eFinance be your guide on this vibrant, green trail.

  • We’re here to ease your e-Residency application process, leaving you more time to innovate—for profit and the planet.

Ready to sprout? Connect with eFinance, today.

More Oxygen for Thought

  • For details as transparent as crystal-clear waters, sail to the official Estonian e-Residency website.

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