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Estonian Commercial Register: A Guide for E-Residents

The Ultimate Guide: Navigating the Estonian Commercial Register for E-Residents

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As an Estonian e-resident, you have access to one of the most advanced digital business environments in the world. The Estonian Commercial Register is a vital resource for e-residents who have established or are planning to establish a company in Estonia. This guide will help you navigate the functionalities of the register and address common questions.

How do I check if my company is registered in Estonia?

Verifying the registration status of your company is simple and can be done online:

  1. Visit the Commercial Register website: Go to e-äriregister.

  2. Use the search function: Enter your company name or registration code in the search bar.

  3. Review the results: The search will display your company's details, including registration status, legal form, and contact information.

What is the certificate of incorporation of a company in Estonia?

The certificate of incorporation is an official document that confirms your company has been legally formed and registered in Estonia. This certificate includes:

  1. Company name: The official registered name.

  2. Registration number: A unique identifier for your company.

  3. Date of incorporation: The registration date.

  4. Legal form: The type of legal entity (e.g., private limited company).

  5. Registered address: The official address of the company.

You can request a certificate of incorporation through the Commercial Register's online portal. A fee may apply for the certificate.

Other Functionalities of the Estonian Commercial Register

In addition to verifying company registration and obtaining certificates, the Commercial Register offers several functionalities:

  • Annual Reports: View and download your company's annual reports to gain insights into financial performance and operations.

  • Ownership and Management Details: Access information about the owners, shareholders, and board members of your company.

  • Legal Changes and Documents: Track any changes to your company’s legal status, such as mergers, acquisitions, or changes in directorship.

  • Business Licenses and Permits: Check information about any licenses or permits your company holds.

Information Availability

The Estonian Commercial Register provides comprehensive information about companies, most of which is publicly accessible:

Publicly Available Information

  1. Basic Company Details: Company name, registration number, legal form, and status.

  2. Registered Address: The official company address.

  3. Registration Date: The date of registration.

  4. Legal Representatives: Names of board members and other legal representatives.

  5. Annual Reports: Detailed financial statements and annual reports.

  6. Ownership Structure: Information on shareholders and their shares.

  7. Detailed Management Information: In-depth details about the company’s management and supervisory board members.

  8. Historical Data: Records of past changes in company status, management, and structure.

  9. Legal Documents: Access to filed legal documents such as articles of association, merger agreements, and more.

  10. Licenses and Permits: Specific details about the licenses and permits held by the company.

  11. Contact Information: General contact details provided by the company.

How to Log In

For certain actions, such as updating company details or filing documents, e-residents can log in using their e-Residency digital ID. This secure login process ensures that only authorized individuals can access and modify sensitive company information.

The Estonian Commercial Register is an essential tool for e-residents, offering transparent and comprehensive information about companies operating in Estonia. Whether you need to verify your company's status, access important documents, or research business partners, the register provides all the necessary resources to manage and grow your business in Estonia effectively.


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