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Navigating the e-MTA: A Guide for Estonian e-Residents

Effective Management of Tax and Employment Records



Estonia is known for its advanced digital services, with the e-Residency program allowing global citizens to manage business operations and tax affairs remotely. A vital component of this system is the Estonian Tax and Customs Board’s e-MTA dashboard. This guide explores how e-Residents can use the e-MTA dashboard not only for tax management but also for handling employment records.

User Account Setup and Authentication

Estonian e-Residents receive an e-MTA user account upon their first successful authentication using the e-Resident digital ID. Various secure authentication methods are supported, including ID-card, Mobile-ID, Smart-ID, and EU e-ID, which ensure safe and secure access to the platform.

Dashboard Features and Functionalities

Real-Time Tax and Customs Overview: Immediately after login, the dashboard provides a detailed overview of the user’s tax status, including due liabilities and compliance requirements, essential for maintaining fiscal responsibility from anywhere in the world.

  1. Tax Filing and Payment: The dashboard simplifies the submission of tax returns and payments, including income tax and VAT, which are crucial for e-Residents operating businesses in Estonia.

  2. Access Management: Company management board members automatically receive access permissions based on commercial registry data, with the ability to delegate specific tax and customs handling duties to other authorized users.

  3. Comprehensive Record-Keeping: Users can access their tax and customs history, facilitating accurate record maintenance and financial planning.

  4. Customs Duties Management: For businesses involved in international trade (import or export goods), the dashboard includes features to manage customs duties effectively.

  5. Employment Register Management: Crucially for e-Residents managing businesses with local employees, the dashboard provides tools to register employment, update employee records, and ensure compliance with local employment laws. This feature is essential for maintaining accurate and up-to-date employee data and for fulfilling legal obligations in Estonia.

  6. Notifications and Alerts: The platform sends alerts about critical tax deadlines, legislative changes, and account updates to help users stay compliant with Estonian regulations.

  7. Support and Guidance: Beyond accessing legal documents and FAQs, users can also reach out directly to specialists via the dashboard for expert assistance. This is particularly useful for addressing complex tax issues or employment-related queries.


The e-MTA dashboard is indispensable for e-Residents looking to manage both tax obligations and employment records efficiently. By providing a comprehensive suite of tools, Estonia's e-Residency program ensures that global digital entrepreneurs can operate seamlessly and comply with Estonian laws. The platform's user-friendly interface and expert support make it a vital resource for anyone conducting business through Estonia's e-Residency.

For more detailed information or specific assistance, e-Residents are encouraged to explore the e-MTA platform or contact the Estonian Tax and Customs Board directly.

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