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Estonia: e-Residency vs Digital Nomad Visa

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

A Tale of Two Digital Paths


Hey there, digital wanderers and entrepreneurial spirits! Today, we're diving deep into one of my favorite subjects: Estonia's groundbreaking digital initiatives. If you're torn between e-Residency and the Digital Nomad Visa, allow me to be your guide. Both options are fantastic, but they cater to different needs and lifestyles. Let's dissect this, shall we?

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#Estonian e-Residency: Your Digital Headquarters

What It Is:

Imagine a government-issued digital identity that grants you the power to conduct business in the European Union from anywhere in the world. That, my friends, is the magic of Estonian e-Residency.


  • Business Without Borders: Set up, run, and manage an EU-based company—all from your laptop.

  • Sign on the Digital Line: Execute contracts with safe and secure digital signatures.

  • Banking, but Better: Open and manage EU-based bank accounts entirely online.

How to Join the Club:

Complete an application, pay a small fee (€100-120), and after a thorough background check by the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, you're in! It’s that straightforward.

#Estonian Digital Nomad Visa: Your Key to Estonia

What It Is:

This is your golden ticket to living and working in the charming, innovative nation of Estonia for up to a year—all while continuing your remote work adventure.


  • Estonian Experience: Live and work in one of the world's most digitally advanced nations.

  • Legal and Legit: Work in Estonia stress-free, without the usual visa hassles.

  • Euro Travel Bonus: Fancy a short-term trip to other Schengen area countries? It’s yours.

Hop on Board:

To apply, prove your remote working status, show a consistent income (above €3504 for the last six months), and pay a modest fee (€80 to €100). Next stop: Estonia!

Which Path is Yours?

Purpose & Place:

  • For managing an international business from your laptop—whether that's in Bali or Brooklyn—e-Residency is your steadfast ally.

  • Dream of working from a cozy café in Tallinn? The Digital Nomad Visa is beckoning.

Home Base:

  • With the Digital Nomad Visa, you’re making Estonia your vibrant, temporary home.

  • e-Residency lets you live anywhere, with Estonia serving as your robust business base.

Business Bits:

  • e-Residency is your gateway to piloting an Estonian company, while the Digital Nomad Visa is more about personal life adventures in Estonia.

Fees & Finances:

  • e-Residency comes with a €100-120 fee, while the Digital Nomad Visa ranges from €80 to €100.

Final Thoughts

digital world

Navigating this digital world is a shared journey, and Estonia stands as a gleaming beacon of innovation. Whether you're an entrepreneur eager for a digital, borderless business through e-Residency, or a remote worker keen to soak up Estonian life via the Digital Nomad Visa, there’s a space for you in this digital nation.

I chose this path, and it’s been nothing short of transformative. So, why not grab your virtual passport and let Estonia reveal to you a future that’s as bright as it is boundless?

Ready to Begin Your e-Residency Adventure? Start the process with us today and open the door to a world of business opportunities in Estonia. Start Your e-Residency Process Here

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