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Dividends & Decisions. A Humorous and Enlightening Journey into the World of Business Taxation

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Hello there, business trailblazers!

With the rustle of calendar pages flying off, we've reached a significant milestone - the June 30th deadline for annual reports and profit declarations. So, as you pause and pat yourselves on the back for another year of hard work and potential growth, we want to bring to light a certain aspect of business that might not be as thrilling as launching new products or acquiring new clients but is as crucial, if not more – Dividend Distribution.

Understanding Dividends – The ‘Profitable’ Story

In the world of business, dividends are like the surprise bonuses you get at the end of a successful project. Exciting, right? But wait, before you start daydreaming about your next exotic vacation with these dividends, you must know that there's a sequence of steps to follow (yes, just like the secret recipe to your grandma's famous apple pie):

  1. Capital Contribution: In case your private limited company started without a capital contribution, you must pay the capital first before you dive into the pool of dividend distribution.

  2. Annual Report Submission: This is like your company's annual performance report card. Make sure you submit it to the Commercial Register to let them know how you fared.

  3. Calculating the Dividend Amount: This requires some math. Your dividend amount must not exceed your company's retained earnings/undistributed profit from the annual report. Also, keep an eye on your company's net assets post-dividend payment. They shouldn't fall below half of the share capital or the mandatory minimum share capital, whichever shoots higher.

  4. Shareholders’ Resolution: Gather around, shareholders! You must approve the distribution of dividends based on the annual report.

  5. Decision to Distribute Dividends: Draft it, sign it, frame it! Well, the framing might be optional, but the signing is a must.

  6. Paying Dividends: Now comes the fun part - pay the cash dividends into the shareholder's current account.

  7. Declaring Dividend Payment: The dividend payment must be declared on tax return TSD Annex 7, and the tax due on the dividend distribution must be remitted by the 10th day of the next month after the payment.

Pay Attention to the Accounting Periods

Now, this part might sound a bit like a plot twist, but bear with us. Dividends can only be paid from the profits of completed accounting periods. So if you're a newly established company, you have to wait till the end of the accounting period, consolidate the annual financial statements, prepare the annual report, and then finally the owner can decide on the dividend amount.

The Not-so-funny Part: Consequences of Non-compliance

In case you're wondering what happens if you throw caution to the wind and make payments without following the rules (just for kicks, of course), well, it's not very amusing. Those payments might be reclassified as salary, leading to additional taxes and penalties. But don't worry, we've got your back.

At eFinance, we're here to turn your business journey into a smooth sail rather than a roller coaster ride. We offer top-notch company registration services and a comprehensive subscription model that covers all your legal and accounting needs. Want to amend your articles of association? We're on it! Need help with dividend payments? We're just a call away!

So, before you dive back into the thrilling world of business decisions and innovations, why not make one decision that guarantees a stress-free future? Start your journey with us towards simplified annual report creation. Request a quote now. Trust us, it'll be the best decision you've made since you decided to add that extra shot of espresso to your morning coffee!

Looking forward to steering the ship of success with you. Stay inspired, stay informed, and remember, a little laughter never hurt any balance sheet!

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