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Business of the Month: September 23

Updated: Jan 9

Carlos: Riding Life's Waves from Barcelona to Bali and Beyond

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Greetings to all entrepreneurial spirits out there! This September, as we continue to navigate the thrilling world of business, we have a special treat lined up for you. I had the delightful opportunity to sit down with a soul surfer, a gastronome, and an all-around adventurer, Carlos, whose life journey from Barcelona to Estonia reads like an inspiring book with chapters full of vibrant experiences, bound by perseverance and a joyous spirit.

So, without further ado, let's delve into this exciting chapter of our Business of the Month feature. Here’s presenting the life and times of Carlos, a brilliant business mind who utilized Estonian e-Residency and eFinance's dedicated services to breathe life into his dreams.

Our Businessman of the Month Hero - Carlos

Entrepreneur and spirit of Tapas and Bali bars, has called Estonia home since 2020.

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Ksenia: Carlos, your journey is nothing short of a roller coaster, starting with your childhood in Barcelona and now finding you in Estonia. Let's start with your early days in Spain. Can you paint us a picture of that time?

Carlos: Sure, Barcelona was my playground as a kid. Imagine growing up surrounded by Gaudi's architecture and the energy of the Catalan festivals. But when I was 14, we had to move to California because of my mom's job. It was different, but I found my tribe among the surfers in Santa Cruz.

Ksenia: It sounds like the sea has always been a big part of your life. You moved quite a lot in your youth. How did these moves influence you?

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Carlos: Yeah, the ocean has always been my sanctuary, even with all the moving around we did. Each place, from Barcelona to Santa Cruz and then to Miami, it had its own vibe, its own kind of connection with the sea. But I guess what I missed most during those transitions was the familiar rhythm of life I had gotten used to in each place, you know. Barcelona had this rich culture and the vibrant festivals, Santa Cruz had the surfer community, and Miami had its own unique flavor too. It was about adapting and finding my wave, in a sense, in each new place.

Ksenia: It's clear that you've faced some truly tough times, including the loss of your brother. How did you find the strength to keep going and eventually open your own surf camp in Bali?

Carlos: Losing my brother... that was the toughest part. I was burnt out, and heartbroken. But the dream of starting a surf camp kept flickering inside, you know. My then-girlfriend was sceptical, but I had to follow my gut, chase that vision of riding the Balinese waves and share that joy with others.

Ksenia: It must have been a massive step, especially with the pandemic throwing a wrench into everyone's plans. How did you manage to keep your business afloat during those times?

Carlos: Yeah, you said it, Ksenia. It was a turbulent time, to say the least. I was grappling with personal and professional challenges, and then a friend of mine mentioned Estonia. At first, it sounded too good to be true – the digital infrastructure, the ease of doing business online, and the 0% corporate income tax on reinvested profits. It was tempting but you know, making such a big move, especially in those uncertain times, was not easy.

I did my research and came across eFinance. They didn't just sell me a service, they provided guidance and a kind of reassurance that was much needed.

Ksenia: And now you have Siesta Bar & Tapas and the upcoming Bali Cafe in Tallinn. What's the story behind these ventures?

Carlos: Siesta is my little piece of Spain in Estonia. It’s where I can share the joy and vibrancy of Spanish culture right here in Tallinn. And the Bali Cafe, that’s going to be a chill spot, a place where people can feel the tranquillity I found in Bali. It's my way of bringing my journey, my stories to others through food and atmosphere, you know.

Ksenia: That sounds amazing, Carlos. Lastly, any words of wisdom for others dreaming of starting their own journey?

Carlos: Definitely. Look, life is a wild ride. Sometimes you’ve just got to take the leap and follow your passion. Estonia has been great for me, it’s a place that embraces the future, and with eFinance, setting up here has been a breeze. If you’ve got a dream, this is a place where you can truly make it happen.

Final thoughts from our Business of the Month interviewee

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Carlos's journey from the bustling streets of Barcelona to creating a surf paradise in Bali, and finally bringing a slice of his rich experiences to Estonia is a stirring testimony to the opportunities that lie in embracing change with open arms.

What stands out in Carlos's tale is not just his indomitable spirit but also the insightful choices he made and the support network he cultivated in the process of rebuilding his life and business. Making the most of the digitally advanced environment that Estonia offers, he managed to breathe new life into his ventures, creating a fusion of Spanish and Balinese cultures right here in Tallinn. His journey stands as a testament to the benefits of making well-informed decisions, showcasing how determination paired with the right resources can foster success in Estonia's dynamic business landscape.

If you're harbouring a dream, much like Carlos, remember that with a supportive partner like eFinance, your business aspirations are not just achievable but can indeed blossom into a fulfilling and successful journey.

Thinking of crafting your own success tale?

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