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Want to Be Our Next Featured Business? Tell Us Your Story!

Hello e-Residents, Entrepreneurs, and Digital Nomads!

We’re excited to announce a special opportunity for you to spotlight your brand. By sharing your unique brand story with us, you’ll not only get featured on our blog but also across all our social media channels. Imagine the exposure and the connections you could make!

CTA Business of the Month

Why Should You Share Your Story?

Promote Your Brand: Increase your brand's visibility, and attract attention to your service or product.

Increase Your Brand Presence:  When we feature your story, it doesn’t just stay on our blog. It spreads across our newsletters and social media, giving your business a spotlight in front of a global audience.

Inspire Others: Every business journey is unique and holds the power to inspire. Sharing your story could not only encourage other e-Residents, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads to chase their dreams but also motivate them to become part of our vibrant eResidency community.

How Inspiring Others Can Also Benefit You

In March 2024, we featured Amazula, a sustainable resort wear brand. After sharing their story of commitment to environmental sustainability and their strategic use of eResidency to manage international operations, Amazula enjoyed a significant increase in sales. Their exposure through our platform not only highlighted their innovative business practices but also attracted a larger customer base interested in sustainable fashion. It's a testament to how powerful sharing your journey can be.

What We’re Looking For:

Your Brand’s Background: Tell us how your brand came to life. What’s the passion that drives your business? How did your idea evolve into what it is today?

Your Experience with eResidency: How has becoming an eResident helped your business grow? What doors has it opened for you, and how has it helped you overcome any business challenges?

How to Get Started:

Getting your story featured is simple—contact us via the chat feature on our website or through any of our social media channels. We're eager to hear about your brand and discuss how we can help share your story with the world. Whether you're a well-established business or a startup, we believe your story has the power to inspire and resonate with others.

We're excited to potentially feature your brand and help you connect with a wider audience. Let’s celebrate your achievements and share your journey with the eFinance community and beyond!

Warm Regards,

The eFinance Team

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