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In the modern world of business, time is of the essence. The PowerPlan has been meticulously designed for entrepreneurs looking to become e-residents and open a company online. It's an all-in-one solution that makes the process of forming a limited company not just possible, but effortless.

Included in the PowerPlan:

  • Assistance with e-Residency application

  • Support in preparing company registration documents

  • Guidance in opening a borderless Wise bank account

  • Legal address, mail handling, and authorized contact person services

  • Continuous support throughout the entire process


Included in the PowerPlan:


Here's exactly what's included in price, providing a transparent view of the value we deliver:


  • ​e-Residency Application Support: Guidance through the e-Residency application process, ensuring all steps are completed accurately and efficiently.

  • Company Registration: Complete preparation of company registration documents in the E-Business Register.

  • Single Founder Registration: Registration of a company with one founder (additional founders can be included for an extra fee).

  • Business Address Provision: A legal business address, is a mandatory requirement for every Estonian company.

  • Contact Person Service: An authorized contact person, another mandatory requirement for all Estonian companies with management outside of Estonia.

  • Mail Handling and Forwarding: Efficient handling and e-mail forwarding of up to 10 letters in one month.​

  • Full Support During the Process: Our experts are with you every step of the way, providing consistent support throughout the entire process.

  • Standard Articles of Association: Ensuring compliance and alignment with Estonian business laws and regulations.

  • State Fee Coverage: A comprehensive inclusion of the 265€ state fee required for company registration.

  • Access to eFinance Platform: Exclusive access to our digital platform, designed to simplify and enhance your business management experience.


Embrace the future of entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneur Pro Plan Plus is your gateway to swift, smooth, and successful online company formation in Estonia, providing the resources and expertise that align with your ambitions.

Ready to take the leap?

PowerPlan Solo

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