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Young Businesswoman

Special Offer

Entrepreneur Pro

295,00 €


for Estonian e-Residency members

Valid until canceled

Company Registration

Business Address

Mail Handling

Contact Person

VAT payer registration

WISE Business Banking Opening Support

Start with Entrepreneur Pro

​Within the partnership with Estonian e-Residency Marketplace, we are proud to present the Entrepreneur Pro service plan, designed exclusively for Estonian e-Residents like you. This comprehensive package encompasses all the essential services necessary for you to establish and run a limited company with ease. We understand the importance of providing a seamless experience that allows you to focus on your business operations from day one.


Convenient Pricing: To make the Entrepreneur Pro service plan affordable and accessible, we have devised a simple and transparent payment structure. Your initial payment of €295 covers the one-time €265 euro state fee, along with the first monthly subscription fee of €30. This monthly subscription fee includes the provision of a business address, mail handling, and authorized contact person services.

Young Businesswoman

Special Offer

Accounting Basic

65,00 €


Every month

Valid until canceled


30 Accounting Entries

Payroll: 1 employee

2 bank accounts

2 currencies

Tax Reporting

Year-end closing

Switch to Digital Accounting

Our Accounting Basic service plan is designed to cater to the needs of e-residents who are starting their business activities and prefer a semi-automated accounting process. 

With the Accounting Basic plan, we streamline your accounting process while providing ease and convenience. Here's what you can expect:


Semi-Automated Accounting Process: Our system simplifies your bookkeeping by allowing you to upload the necessary documents through our automated monthly link requests. Whether it's sales invoices, purchase invoices, or bank statements, you have full control over submitting the required paperwork electronically.


Document Processing and Reporting: Once you've uploaded your documents, our team takes care of processing them efficiently. We handle the necessary bookkeeping tasks, ensuring accurate recording of your financial transactions. Moreover, we generate the essential reports you need to stay informed about your business's financial health.


No Advisory Services Included: It's important to note that the Accounting Basic plan does not include any type of advisory services. While we take care of your bookkeeping needs, this plan does not provide personalized advice or consultation regarding your business finances or tax matters.


By choosing our Accounting Basic service plan, you gain peace of mind knowing that your bookkeeping is in capable hands. We provide a streamlined process that saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Office Workers

Grow Your Business

We make it possible not to limit our customers to only existing plans but we allow them to get additional services too. All possible additional services and corresponding prices for them are listed below.

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Enhance Your Accounting Convenience

with Optional Add-Ons

  • Tax Advisory Add-On

    Every month
    Maximize Your Tax Efficiency
  • Stripe Add-on

    Every month
    Seamlessly export Stripe sales to your Accounting
  • Monthly Reporting Add-on

    Every month
    Make Informed Decisions
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Variable Charges

Prices shown are VAT(20%) exclusive

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