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Cue the Drumroll: Unveiling Estonia's New Tax Twists!

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Greetings, financial enthusiasts! Richard "Rich" Fox here, bringing you the latest scoop from the exciting world of taxation. Don't roll your eyes just yet - I promise to sprinkle in some humor to keep things interesting!

So, are you ready to take a walk with me through the corridors of Estonia's upcoming tax amendments?

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VAT Act Amendments - Not All Increases are Bad!

New Year's Day 2024 brings more than just fireworks and resolutions. It also brings a slight uptick in the general VAT rate from 20% to 22%. But hey, let's view it as a symbol of economic growth, shall we?

Then, on the first day of 2024, when you've just about recovered from your New Year's Eve party, be prepared for another party - a 'VAT party'!

The VAT rate for accommodation services (including that comfy bed and breakfast you love so much) will rise by four percentage points, from 9% to 13%.

The VAT rate for press publications will also get a hike, increasing from 5% to 9%. So perhaps consider getting an e-book reader for Christmas?

But fret not, a silver lining exists! A transitional provision allows a 20% VAT rate to apply until December 31, 2025, for those who are locked in a contract for goods or services before May 1, 2023. The caveat? The contract should state that the transaction is taxed at a 20% VAT rate, with no foreseen price change from a potential VAT rate change.

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