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Networking: It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Laugh With!

The Insider's Playbook to Winning Connections

Network. That seven-letter word that’s the magic spell in the Hogwarts of the professional world. It's whispered in hushed tones across university halls and coffee-stained office desks. It's the professional mingle that feels like you’re playing Twister - left hand on a CEO, right foot with an intern. But let's unravel this mystery and sprinkle in some fun, shall we?

group of people networking and drinking

1. Start Before the Starter's Pistol Fires

Networking is like planting a seed; you don't get an oak tree the next day. Begin early, like first-semester early, so when summer hits, you've got a forest of folks who know your name and are ready to help you climb the career ladder.

2. Conquer LinkedIn Like a Boss

No LinkedIn? That's like being a wizard without a wand. Create your profile, wave it at companies you love, join groups you admire, and make connections like they’re going out of style. It's your digital handshake – make it count.

3. Network Like You're Collecting Pokémon

Cast your net wide. Parents, pals, professors, and even the person you bump into at the coffee machine – they could all have the golden ticket to your Wonka factory. Networking is a web; the wider it's cast, the more flies you catch.

4. Become the Email Whisperer

With a list of contacts longer than a CVS receipt, it's time to get typing. Craft those emails with the precision of a poet. Start with "Introduction" as your subject line and lace your words with a mix of professionalism and genuine charm.

5. Ask, Don't Yap

Engage in the give-and-take of conversation. People love to talk about themselves; let them. It shows you’re interested and, let’s face it, who doesn't like to feel interesting?

6. Punctuality is Your New Best Friend

Quick on the keyboard, swift to reply. Suggest a call, show you're serious, and they'll know you mean business. Promptness shows eagerness, and eagerness is infectious.

7. The Art of the Subtle Ask

Once you've buttered them up with all the right questions, slide in your interest in their company's opportunities. It’s about timing – too soon and you're eager, too late and you're just another name in their LinkedIn inbox.

8. The Follow-Up Flourish

You’ve thrown your hat in the ring, now don’t let silence kill the vibe. A quick "Thanks!" keeps the memory of you fresh and shows your gratitude. Gratitude is the currency of networking; spend it wisely.

9. Stay in the Picture

Whether you land the gig or not, keep those lines of communication humming. Each contact is a rung on your career ladder; keep climbing, and don't look down.

So, networking: It’s really just making friends with extra steps. Keep it light, keep it smart, and above all, keep it fun. Who says you can't mix business with pleasure? Richard Fox says you can, and you should. Now, go forth and network your socks off! And don't miss out on more gems like this – download our app, PILV by eFinance, and stay updated on the go.

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