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Expanding Your Estonian Company's Horizons: How to Navigate Business Activities

In Estonia, the process of starting and growing your business is designed to be as flexible and entrepreneur-friendly as possible. This includes how companies define and adjust their fields of activity. Let’s delve into the practical steps for navigating your Estonian company’s activities, ensuring compliance while maximizing your business potential.

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Understanding the Basics

Every Estonian company selects its primary field of activity based on the official "Estonian Classification of Economic Activities" (EMTAK) when registering. This field should ideally represent the activity expected to generate the most income in the first financial year. However, selecting a primary activity does not restrict your company to this sole endeavor. Estonian regulations recognize the dynamic nature of businesses today, allowing companies to engage in multiple fields of activity beyond their primary classification.

The Structure of EMTAK

EMTAK is organized hierarchically into five levels, facilitating a comprehensive categorization of economic activities. When determining your company’s field of activity, you’ll start from the broadest category and work your way down to the specifics. This structured approach, consistent across the European Union thanks to its alignment with the NACE classification, enables clear economic statistics comparison and database interpretation.

Diversifying Your Business Activities:

  1. Initial Selection: Choose the primary field that you anticipate will be your main income source in the first year. This is essential for your business registration.

  2. Expansion: Remember, you're not limited to this primary field. As your business evolves, you can freely explore and engage in other activities that complement or diversify your income streams.

  3. Annual Reporting: Your company's flexibility in engaging in various activities is reflected in the annual report submitted to the Commercial Register. Here, you’ll list the principal activities undertaken during the fiscal year, showcasing the diversity of your operations.

  4. Navigating EMTAK: Utilize the search system for EMTAK fields of activities to accurately classify your business endeavors. This tool is invaluable for ensuring that your company’s operations are correctly represented and for taking full advantage of the classification’s hierarchical structure.


Embracing the flexibility offered by Estonia’s business environment allows your company to adapt and thrive in a competitive global marketplace. By understanding and leveraging the EMTAK classification, you can accurately represent your company’s breadth of operations, explore new avenues for growth, and ensure compliance with national and EU standards.

Take Action

If you’re ready to broaden your business scope or need further clarification on managing your company's activities, the support you need is just an email away. Embrace the opportunities that Estonia’s dynamic business landscape offers and let your company flourish across diverse fields of activity.

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