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6 Tax Deductions You Might Be Forgetting as an Estonian Entrepreneur

Maximize Your Savings: Essential Tax Deductions for Estonian Entrepreneurs

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Taxation is a critical component of running a business and a significant factor for entrepreneurs when choosing a jurisdiction for business registration. Estonia, known for its business-friendly environment, offers a wide range of tax benefits. As a business owner, it's crucial to leverage these benefits to maximize your deductions and reduce your taxable income. Here are six often-overlooked tax deductions available to Estonian entrepreneurs:

1. Employees’ Transportation Expenses

Transporting employees between their residence and the workplace can be a considerable expense. Fortunately, these costs are tax deductible under certain conditions:

  • The employee must have an official employment contract.

  • The employee resides at least 50 kilometers away from the workplace.

  • Public transport is not a viable option in terms of time or cost.

By meeting these criteria, you can deduct the transportation costs, thereby reducing your taxable income.

2. Employees’ Accommodation Expenses

If your employees need to stay near the workplace due to distance, their accommodation costs can be tax deductible. The conditions for this deduction are:

  • The employee has an official employment contract and is working in connection with the employer’s business activities.

  • The employee lives at least 50 kilometers from the workplace and does not own residential property closer to work.

  • Accommodation expenses must not exceed 200 euros per calendar month in Tallinn and Tartu, or 100 euros for other locations in Estonia.

This deduction helps in managing the costs associated with providing necessary accommodation for your employees.

3. Employees’ Private Car Usage for Business Purposes

When employees use their private cars for business activities, you can compensate them, and these expenses can be tax deductible. The specifics include:

  • A tax-free compensation rate of 0.30 euros per kilometer.

  • A maximum tax-free compensation of 335 euros per month per employee.

This allowance helps offset the costs your employees incur when using their personal vehicles for business purposes.

4. Employees’ Health Promotion and Prevention Expenses

Promoting health and wellness among employees is beneficial for both the workforce and the business. Tax deductions are available for health-related expenses with the following limits:

  • The tax-exempt limit is 100 euros (including VAT) per employee per quarter.

  • These benefits must be available to all employees.

Encouraging health promotion activities not only improves employee well-being but also provides tax benefits.mment, and share their experience if they've used the product before.

5. Daily Allowance for Business Trips Abroad

Business trips can add up, but Estonia offers tax-free allowances to cover daily expenses while traveling abroad:

  • 50 euros per day for the first 15 days of a business trip, with a maximum of 15 days in any calendar month.

  • 32 euros for each subsequent day.

These allowances help manage the costs associated with international business travel.

6. Corporate Gifts for Clients

Corporate gifts and reception costs are also tax-deductible within specified limits:

  • Promotional gifts have a tax-free limit of 10 euros excluding VAT.

  • Reception costs have a tax-free limit of 32 euros per month.

  • Additionally, up to 2% of the taxpayer’s personalized social tax payments in the same calendar month may be disbursed in connection with the reception of business partners.

These deductions support marketing efforts and relationship-building activities with clients and partners.


By understanding and utilizing these tax deductions, Estonian business owners can significantly reduce their tax liabilities and optimize their business expenses. Ensure you keep detailed records and meet the specific conditions for each deduction to fully benefit from these tax-saving opportunities. Leveraging these deductions effectively can provide substantial financial advantages and contribute to the overall success and growth of your business.

Need an Expert to Help?

If you need an expert to help navigate these tax deductions and optimize your accounting, visit our Accounting Services. Our specialists can assist you in understanding and maximizing the available tax benefits.

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