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E-Residency of Estonia and Starting a Company: Common Questions Answered

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Estonia's E-Residency: Breaking Conventions

In the sprawling realm of global business, while many tread the beaten path, Estonia's e-Residency paves an audacious new trajectory reminiscent of Elon Musk's penchant for disruption. Let's explore this frontier with the audacity and vision of Musk's ventures into space, electric cars, and beyond.

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1. What's this e-Residency I've been hearing about?

Just as SpaceX reimagines space travel, Estonia's e-residency rethinks business. It's not just a digital ID; it’s a portal to a futuristic way of doing business.


2. Is this the Mars Colony of the business world?

Almost. While we aren’t setting up shop on Mars yet, Estonia welcomes innovators from every corner of Earth to this groundbreaking venture.


3. How do I launch into this orbit?

Fuel up (with your data and motivation), initiate the ignition (apply online), and prepare for liftoff. Estonia awaits your entrepreneurial expedition.


4. Why take this interstellar journey?

Because, like landing rockets or tunnelling under cities, this is the new frontier. Estonia offers a business landscape as seamless as a Tesla's drive and as visionary as a Martian settlement.


5. What's the ticket to this space cruise?

A token fee, €100. Consider it the cost of a ticket aboard this hyperloop of global commerce.


6. From my digital cockpit, can I make a cosmic impact?

With e-Residency, you're not just launching a business; you’re propelling a vision. Set up your Estonian entity faster than a Falcon 9 ascends.


7. E-Residency and Tax Residency: What's the gravity here?

E-Residency offers weightlessness in a digital realm, while tax residency grounds you with earthly responsibilities. Navigate both wisely.


8. What kind of legacy can I carve in this space?

Your Estonian OÜ isn't just a business structure; it's a Starship, capable of ventures as vast as your ambitions.


9. What sustains this celestial venture?

Every Starship needs maintenance. Aside from the annual state fee, aligning with adept cosmic crew (accountants) is crucial.


10. The art of the galactic share (taxation)?

Estonia's credo is simplicity. Share your celestial treasures (profits), and Estonia claims a 20% share. Yet, remember, every planet (country) has its own tax codes.


11. Storing my cosmic treasures (banking)?

The digital universe is vast and interconnected. With partners like Wise, you can beam up your funds and operate seamlessly across galaxies.


12. Protecting my spacecraft in the cyber cosmos?

Estonia shields your digital Starship with encryption so powerful, it could deflect asteroids!


13. Can I be ejected from this space?

Tread wisely. As with any venture, cosmic or otherwise, misuse can lead to a revoked license to operate.


14. What if I want to dock my spacecraft?

Should you wish to park your Starship (close your company), Estonia ensures a smooth re-entry into the atmosphere.


15. Can I assemble a crew for this voyage?

Certainly. Rally pioneers, be they from Estonia or any cosmic corner, to bolster your interstellar enterprise.


In a world where the sky is no longer the limit, Estonia’s e-residency is the business equivalent of launching satellites or colonizing stars. So, strap in, engage thrusters, and let your entrepreneurial spirit soar to new galaxies!

Embrace the Future with PILV

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You've explored the cosmos of Estonia's e-residency, now it's time to set your trajectory. Like the unyielding capacity of a cloud, PILV is here to guide and uplift your interstellar business journey. Download our app, PILV, and launch your e-residency voyage with us at the helm. Let's conquer this new frontier together. 🌍☁️🚀

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