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Collect Your e-Residency Kit at New Mobile Pickup Points

Simplified Collection of Your e-Residency Kit

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We at eFinance, in partnership with Estonia’s e-Residency program, are excited to announce the addition of eight new mobile pickup points for collecting your e-Residency digital identity card. This expansion makes it even more convenient for e-residents to collect their kits, ensuring a smoother and more flexible experience.

Eight New Mobile Pickup Points

We’re thrilled to offer these new locations for e-Residency kit collection:

  • Barcelona, Spain (Coordinated by the Estonian Embassy in Madrid)

  • Frankfurt, Germany (Coordinated by the Estonian Embassy in Berlin)

  • Munich, Germany (Coordinated by the Estonian Embassy in Berlin)

  • Milan, Italy (Coordinated by the Estonian Embassy in Rome)

  • Lviv, Ukraine (Coordinated by the Estonian Embassy in Kyiv)

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Coordinated by the Estonian Embassy in Abu Dhabi)

  • Edinburgh, United Kingdom (Coordinated by the Estonian Embassy in London)

  • Zurich, Switzerland (Coordinated by the Estonian Embassy in Vienna, Austria)

How to Choose a Mobile Pickup Point

As of March 27, 2024, these new locations are available in the e-Residency application and renewal system. When applying for or renewing your e-Residency card, you can select one of these mobile pickup points.

How Does It Work?

Each mobile pickup point is managed by the nearest Estonian embassy. Once your card is ready, the coordinating embassy will inform you via email with details about the arrival and collection of your card. You can choose to pick up your card directly from the embassy or at the mobile pickup point during its scheduled mission.

Frequency of Mobile Pickup Points

Mobile pickup point missions will occur every two months. Each coordinating embassy will independently organize their missions, so dates may vary. You’ll be notified well in advance to help you plan your card collection.

Contact Information

For specific inquiries regarding the new mobile pickup points, contact the respective coordinating embassies:

  • Barcelona >> Madrid

  • Frankfurt & Munich >> Berlin

  • Milan >> Rome

  • Lviv >> Kyiv

  • Dubai >> Abu Dhabi

  • Edinburgh >> London

  • Zurich >> Vienna

For general questions about card collection, please visit our support page or contact our customer support team.

Changing Your Pickup Point

If you’ve already selected a pickup point in your application or renewal, you can change it to one of the new mobile pickup points:

  • Within the same country or embassy coordination: The change is free of charge. Contact the coordinating embassy to update your pickup point.

  • To a different country: A fee of €80 applies. Additional time may be required to reroute your document. Inform the embassy of your original pickup point to facilitate the change.

For example, if you initially chose Paris but now prefer Frankfurt, notify the Paris embassy. After paying the change fee, your card will be sent from Paris to Berlin and then brought to Frankfurt during the next mobile pickup point mission.

At eFinance, we’re dedicated to making the e-Residency process seamless and accessible. While the new mobile pickup points are an initiative by e-Residency, we at eFinance are here to support you with any questions or assistance you need regarding your e-Residency kit collection. Our goal is to provide you with more flexibility and convenience in managing your digital identity, ensuring you have a smooth and efficient experience.

Need Support?

If you find the Estonian e-Residency application process overwhelming or require expert assistance right from Step 1, we've got you covered. Consider subscribing to the eFinance PowerPlan.

With the PowerPlan, you can access tailored support and guidance throughout your e-Residency journey. PowerPlan's expertise and resources can help streamline the process, making it even easier for you to start, run, and grow your Estonian business. Don't hesitate to explore this valuable resource and elevate your e-Residency experience.

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