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Introducing PowerPlan

All You Need to Know About How to Start a Company if You Are Still Non e-Resident

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There are several main reasons why people from around the globe choose Estonia as a home for their businesses. The solution is perfectly fine for those who understand that Estonia's digital infrastructure could be the best option for managing a company entirely online. It is particularly popular among those aiming to enter the global market, including IT companies, e-commerce ventures, marketers, and more. Another significant reason, but not the last, is the 0% income tax on undistributed profits, which allows for the reinvestment of profits and, consequently, rapid growth.

PowerPlan is specifically designed for entrepreneurs taking steps to gather more information about the eResidency program, seeking support in obtaining the eResidency card, and looking for a seamless company setup, including company registration and bank account opening.

What's the Journey Like?

Breaking Down the Process

Step 1: Applying for e-Residency. It includes preparing your application online (which takes up to one hour) and waiting for approval (3-8 weeks, usually around 4 weeks). Then, you pick up your e-Residency kit, which includes your personal digital ID card.

Step 2: Registering Your Company. As soon as you receive your e-Residency card, we can start with company registration (companies are commonly registered within one business day.) It's an easy-to-follow process to register your company, including assistance with obtaining a VAT number and support in opening a borderless Wise business bank account. Furthermore, it ensures your business is grounded in Estonia, providing a business address, mail handling, and an authorized contact person service, all within a monthly subscription framework.

Understanding the Costs

The PowerPlan service fee of €560 is composed of two parts: a one-time fee of €525 and the initial monthly subscription payment of €35 (incl. 22% VAT). The monthly subscription includes a business address, mail handling, and authorized contact person services.

Therefore, your initial payment will total €560 (this includes the state fee and VAT at 22%). From the next month onwards, there will be a recurring payment of €35.

*Note: The e-Residency card state fee of €120 is not included in the service fee.

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What You Gain with PowerPlan:

  • Guidance through the e-Residency application process

  • Company Registration

  • 1 Shareholder

  • VAT number registration

  • Bank Account Opening Support

  • Business Address

  • Mail Handling

  • Authorized Contact Person Service

  • Company Registration State Fee of €265

  • Continuous support throughout the entire process.

*Note: The e-Residency card state fee of €120 is not included in the service fee.

Why Go for PowerPlan?

Think of PowerPlan as that know-it-all friend who's actually helpful, ready to make starting your business as straightforward as possible. We're all about offering clear guidance and support, helping you navigate every step.

Ready to get started? The first step is applying for e-Residency. Subscribe to PowerPlan here.

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