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"Blueprint to Business" Winner Revealed!

Hello, Visionaries!

October has been nothing short of spectacular. Our “Blueprint to Business” campaign was conceived with a dream of igniting entrepreneurial spirits, and boy, did it ignite! We saw a cascade of innovative business blueprints, all crafted with passion and precision using the PILV by eFinance app.

Before we announce, let's remind ourselves what was at stake:

  • Craft & Consult: The ability to bring your visions to life with our Business Model Creator and receive invaluable insights from our eFinance specialists.

  • And most importantly, a FREE one-year subscription to our Entrepreneur plan with amazing perks like a business address, mail handling, and contact person service.

blueprint to business winner revealed

Drum Roll, Please...

Our winner showcased a masterstroke in marrying modern technology with market demands, hinting at a future where finding homes and making deals becomes as seamless as a conversation.

Congratulations! Your business model truly stood out as innovative, feasible, and reflective of a deep understanding of market needs.

To all our participants, thank you! Your efforts and ideas have truly made this campaign a success. Even if you didn't clinch the top spot, remember that every business journey is unique, and the insights and feedback you've received from our eFinance specialists will undoubtedly set you on the path to success.

To the architect of our winning model, we're exhilarated to be part of your voyage. Dive into the ocean of opportunities with your year-long Entrepreneur subscription!

For everyone still with us, stay tuned! There are more opportunities, events, and updates from PILV by eFinance around the corner. Here's to turning blueprints into booming businesses!

Oh, and one last thing—don't forget to download the PILV app to stay informed about future special campaigns. This is your gateway to a world of possibilities, and you wouldn't want to miss out!

pilv logo

Signing off with entrepreneurial zest,

The eFinance Team

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