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Financing Your Business

A business loan can be a quick and structured way to develop your company. 
If you're looking for expansion or growth, then financing is a handier option. 

  • Helps to achieve business goals by increasing working capital

  • Improves the company’s cash flow

  • Ensuring that your business runs smoothly and effectively

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Turn your invoices into immediate cash flow


Factoring is a simple and flexible way of financing a business that speeds up the movement of working capital.
With a factoring service, you will receive money for the goods sold or services provided on the same day and you will be able to buy raw materials, invest in new equipment or use the money according to the individual needs of your business.

Types of Factoring

Factoring with Insurance. Allows you to free up working capital and protect your buyers from insolvency.

Factoring without Insurance. Factoring service could still be provided even if your insurance company is unable to secure your partners with a sufficient insurance limit.

Reverse Factoring. Enables you to extend your account deferral periods and increase your limits without affecting your suppliers' cash flows.

Closed Factoring. A financing option that allows you to still fund receivables even if the buyer already denied the sale. Solutions are perfect for simple one-time transactions or for situations when buyers don't agree with the factoring of the invoices issued to them.

Open-Factoring is a type of funding with lower funding limits due to lower risk.

Transactions are protected against the risk of insolvency of buyers (customers) in local and export markets.

How it's works

  • Your company issues invoices for goods or services that have a payment period of 15-180 days.

  • You submit these invoices to the bank and receive up to 90% of your funds within an hour!

  • Upon receipt of payment from the buyer, the accrued interest will be deducted and the remaining amount will be transferred to you.

Transactions are protected against the risk of insolvency of buyers (customers) in local and export markets.

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A variety of leasing options to both private and business clients

Leasing is a financial tool that enables you to use an asset for a fixed period of time. Typically, it is used by businesses with high turnover equipment to avoid the costly burden of depreciation. Leasing provides you with more flexibility than traditional car financing, as well as the opportunity to upgrade your vehicle at the end of your agreement.

Leasing Advantages:

  • Fast and flexible financing solution within 1 business day

  • You can do everything easily and smoothly online

  • The amount that can be financed is from EUR 5000 to 5M

  • You will be advised by professionals

Leasing Rates:

  • Down payment from 5% of the value of the acquired property

  • Contract fee – 1% of the financed amount

  • Lease agreement interest margin – from 8% annual interest

With leasing, small and medium-sized businesses can quickly and conveniently acquire:

  • Cars

  • Minibuses

  • Trucks, semitrailers

  • Loaders

  • Construction and agricultural machinery

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Business loans

Achieve your business goals by increasing working capital

A business loan is a type of lending that is used by entrepreneurs and businesses to start or improve their business. You can use a business loan to purchase equipment, start a new project, or finance your company's day-to-day operations.

Business loans

  • Financing of fixed assets (real/movable) in investment projects

  • Partial/full refinancing of bank loans

  • Additional working capital financing

  • Refinancing of shareholder loans. Seasonal loans, targeted loans

  • Loans with Invega guarantee

  • Tailor-made financing (redemption of shares, purchase of companies, repo transactions)

Contact us for more information on how we can help.

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